Requirements, Terms and Conditions


  • Use Permit/Contract Agreement: A Use Permit/Contract will be applied for and agreed upon no less than 60 days before the date of the scheduled event. All information submitted must true and accurate as to the use and attendance. Applications applied for less then 60 days may require additional security deposit. SCCVMB Management will act on the application within 20 days of submission with required references, submission of Certificate of Liability Insurance, and any other documents required. Each application for Use Permit must have submitted the true name, date of birth, driver’s license, resident address, mailing address, telephone number of each applicant, promoter, manager, partnership and any person financially interested in the proposed event, show or activity. If a corporation then information of all officers.
  • Deposit: A refundable security/cleaning/damage deposit is required for all rentals to cover material loss or damage, graffiti, or cleaning outside the scope of the use permit/contract. If damages occur that are in excess of the deposit the renter will be charged additionally. This deposit will also be used to secure a date for up to 30 days until rental fee and permit requirements are met. The deposit will be refunded no later then 30 days after the scheduled event unless there damages occur. This deposit will also be considered forfeit if not all terms and conditions of use are met.
  • Rental Fees: All rental fees are due at signing of use permit/contract and/or no less then 90 days before rental with no exceptions. Fees are based on room, hours rented, equipment rented, cleaning, security, special needs, and staffing costs. Additional fees will include a 8% administration fee, and may include 10% merchandise fee, additional hourly cleaning fee or deposit, rental overtime fee.
    • Changes or Cancellation: An Administrative Fee will be charged for Use Permit date changes.

$100 Processing fee if permit/event is canceled outside of 60 days.
$200 Processing fee if permit/event is canceled outside of 30 days.
Permit fees and Deposit are non-refundable if cancelled within 60 days of event.

  • Liability Insurance Auditorium: For all events in The Chris G. Matthews Hall/Auditorium that are ticketed, or have amplified sound, or with  groups larger then 50, or if alcohol is being served, or if management deems it necessary.

The County of Santa Cruz requires that all amplified and/or ticketed/fee events at the Santa Cruz County Veterans Memorial Building (SCCVMB) must provide written proof of insurance and must meet the following stipulations.

    1. The Certificate of General Liability and Property Damage Insurance must be in the amount of not less than one million ($1,000,000) dollars per incident; and the policy must name/state 

“The Santa Cruz County Veterans Memorial Building Board of Trustees, the County of Santa Cruz, and their officials, appointed boards, commissions, employees, agents and volunteers, and any person attending the activity or event”

The policy must insure against loss due to property damage of the County or SCCVMBBOT, and the personal injury of any person attending the event as additional insured as respects t0 the operations and activities of or on behalf of the named insured performed under the Use Permit. 

    1. The certificate must state the policy is primary with respect to any other coverage.
    2. The certificate must be on deposit with the VMB Management at the signing of the Use Permit and no later then 30 days before rental use.
  • Liability Insurance Other Rooms: All Rentals in other SCCVMB rooms require insurance coverage. Please contact management if you have any questions regarding liability insurance.
  • Security: For all concerts, dances, and large auditorium activities with amplified music and ticketed events.

The Renter must arrange and pay for all security.

The Santa Cruz Police Department requires all SCCVMB events have security during all hours of amplified music, performances, events or organized gatherings.

1-100 people: 2 in-house security staff (doormen, bouncer)
101-200 people: 2 in-house security staff and 1 State Licensed uniformed security officers.
201-400 people: 2 in-house security staff and 2 State Licensed uniformed security officers.
-The SCCVMB will provide staff as required at an additional cost to the renter.
-Renter must have security personnel or a security company approved by SCCVMB management before permit is signed. Certain guidelines and stipulations are required.

  • Admission Tax: All fee collecting or donation events must complete an Admission Tax Deposit and pay fees with the City of Santa Cruz before event date. Proof of deposit is required 2 weeks before the event. City admission fees must be paid to City of Santa Cruz, Finance Department, 809 Center Street, Room 107, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.
  •  Non-Profit Status: Any non-profit organization must submit proof of their status with a copy of their certified California Statement of Domestic Non-Profit Corporation or the most recent copy of form 199, the California Exempt Organization Annual Information Return.
  • Alcohol Permit: Alcohol may not be served unless approved by management and is limited to beer and wine only, no hard alcohol is allowed. If approved a Alcohol Permit will be issued with a fee. Alcohol may only be served at Receptions, Dinners, Small Events and restricted to Wine and Beer. The sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Alcohol Permit Fees
Up to 100 people attending: $125
101-200 people attending: $250
200+ people attending: $300
All fees must be paid in advance.

  •  Special Conditions: Resident Veterans Organizations may with 60 days written notice to SCCVMB pre-empt renters scheduled use of the SCCVMB. All rental fees will be credited in full to renter


Terms and Conditions

Any violation of the following Terms and Conditions by renters or patrons will result in ejection or refused admittance.

            (A)-Room Use Regulations

    1. Rental Hours 9:00-11:00 pm . All Events and Activities Must End at 10:00 PM
    2. Renters, participants, and guests must abide by the SCCVMB rules of conduct, which are posted throughout the facility.
    3. No smoking of any kind in or around the Veterans Memorial Building according to City and County regulations.
    4. No alcohol of any kind can be consumed or dispensed on the premises unless approved and Permitted by SCCVMB Management. Alcohol may only be served at private events such as Receptions, Dinners, Small functions and restricted to Wine and Beer. The sale of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
    5. No glass bottles or cans of any kind of beverage allowed during functions open to the public.
    6. No food or drink allowed without SCCVMB Management approval.
    7. All promotional material or publicity must be approved by SCCVMB Management prior to being posted or released to the public.
    8. No open flames or candles.
    9. No tape of any kind, thumbtacks or pins may be used on walls. All material to be hung must be approved by SCCVMB management.
    10. Renters are expected to abide by the reservation times indicated on the Use Permit/Contract. Scheduled use of rooms includes preparation and clean-up time. Additional charges will be applied for going over allocated times.
    11. Renters are responsible for the set-up and break down of chairs, tables and equipment used. Rooms must be left in clean useable condition. Additional charges will be applied if SCCVMB staff has to clean rooms. SCCVMB staff will be available for needed guidance.
    12. Special care will be taken to not damage wood flooring. There is no use of adhesive tape on floors or walls. All chairs, tables, materials, equipment or any item brought into the SCCVMB auditorium will be carried by hand or cart and will not be pulled or dragged across floors.
    13. Renter shall not assign or sublease any portion of the premises without written approval by SCCVMB management. Any such assignment or sublease will be void and the SCCVMB shall have the right to exclude any and all persons from the facility attempting to exercise any right under such assignment or sublease.
    14. All Merchandise sales must be approved by SCCVMB Management and will be subject to a 10% fee.
    15. All entrances and exits will remain clear and available at all times. At not time will exits be covered or obstructed with any decoration or other material.
    16. Renter or their participants will not post flyers or notes within the facility without the permission of SCCVMB management.There is no use of adhesive tape on floors or walls.
    17. Solicitation is strictly prohibited throughout the SCCVMB facility.
    18. Renters or their participants will not interfere with the activities or events in other rooms throughout the SCCVMB facility.
    19. Violation of any of these Terms and Conditions will result in forfeit of deposits.
    20. Special Conditions: Resident Veterans Organizations may with 60 days notice pre-empt renters scheduled use of the SCCVMB. All rental fees will be credited in full to renter


(B)-Stage Performance, Security and Ticket Regulations

    1. Performers shall not leave the stage, nor invite spectators on stage, nor throw objects from the stage during performance, or incite the audience in anyway. The applicant, manager, or promoter shall be responsible for enforcement of this condition. Violation of this regulation may result in stoppage of the performance.
    2. The applicant, manager, or promoter must be present at the SCCVMB on hour before the doors open and until on hour after the performance has ended.
    3. The light level in the facility shall be maintained to allow clear observation of the entire audience for safety purposes.
    4. Sound levels with or without amplification shall be limited by standards set under the California Noise Control Act of 1973, Health and Safety Code Sections 39800 et seq. But in no case shall be allowed to exceed a steady state limit of 100 decibels or 110 decibels peak measured from a reference level of 20 micro-newtons per square meter.
    5. Sound and Light Equipment can not be altered with out permission from SCCVMB Management. Permitted altered sound and light equipment must be returned to original settings by renter at end of use or be charged for reset.
    6. Electrical circuits shall not be altered without the expressed written consent of SCCVMB Management.
    7. Admission to all stage performances will be by ticket only, unless otherwise arranged by SCCVMB Management. All advertising and promotion of the event must state admission by ticket only; it is unlawful to do otherwise.
    8. Doors may be opened for admission up to 1 hour before performance begins.
    9. All performances and entertainment must end by 10:00 pm unless otherwise approved by SCCVMB Management.
    10. A ticket limit will be set with respect to the room(s) rented.
    11. It is not allowed to let any individual admittance into the premises and/or event without a ticket.
    12. It is not allowed to sell, give or distribute a greater number of tickets than authorized by SCCVMB Management.
    13. A sufficient number of security personnel will be determined by SCCVMB Management as outlined by Santa Cruz Entertainment Permit criteria for a proposed event to insure property damage or personal injuries or breaches of the peace do not occur. The applicant, manager, promoter and their employees or agents will conform to the terms of the Use Permit pertaining to security.
    14. If the ranking security officer on the premises believes they are unable to control a situation without termination of the event in progress then Santa Cruz Police will be contacted to evaluate the situation prior to shut down. Ranking official authority as listed.  1) City or County Peace Officer, 2) Licensed Private Security Officer.
    15. The applicant, manager or promoter shall pay for all security.
    16. Upon conclusion of the event, performance or activity, the applicant, manager, promoter shall return the building and surrounding area to the condition in which it was found before use.
    17. Violation of any of these Terms and Conditions will result in forfeit of deposits.

(C)Refusal or Rejection of Use Permit

    1. Falsification of information required of applicant or promoter.
    2. Refusal to agree to the terms, rules and regulations as set forth in this document.
    3. Failure to provide the information or documents required, prior to issuance of the Use Permit.
    4. SCCVMB Management may reject the request based on the information contained in the application.
    5. All deposits will be considered forfeit if applicant/renter knowingly submits false information, does not abide by the terms and conditions, rules of conduct of the building or failure to provide required documents.
    6. Appeal: A rejection of application my be appealed to the County Administrator if a written request is filed with the County Administrative Office within 10 days from the date of the decision.

(D)Revocation of Use Permit

    1. Failure of applicant or promoter to comply with the terms of the Use Permit.
    2. Falsification of information required of applicant or promoter.
    3. Alteration of the proposed activity or event as to content, performers, time or dates without notice to an agreement by SCCVMB Management.
    4. All Deposits will be forfeit if Use Permit is revoked.


SCCVMB Management, SCCVMBBOT, or the County of Santa Cruz may revoke any permit at any time and halt any program that has commenced.