Our Programs & Support

Learn more about our Santa Cruz County Veteran and Community programs and how you can support our efforts by volunteering, getting more involved, and being a part of our vision for 2020.

A Few Good People

Are you a Veteran or active member of the Santa Cruz County community? Would you like to stay informed about our events, meetings, and other activities? Join our organization as a member, supporter, or even a board member! We are always looking for new energy to carry the historic torch of the Veterans Memorial Building into the future.

Honor Our Veterans

Be a part of our historic 2020 Courtyard Renovation. Each donation will receive a custom commemorative brick in our courtyard to honor the service and sacrifice of the Veteran in your family.

Welcome to the Santa Cruz County Veterans Memorial Building.

Built-in 1932, the Santa Cruz County Veterans Memorial Building (SCCVMB) is a historical landmark conveniently located in the heart of beautiful downtown Santa Cruz. We are a 501(c)3 organization committed supporting our Santa Cruz County Veterans and their families as well as maintaining this community’s historic building and history.


Our Vision

We are dedicated to imagining a better future for all of our Veterans and their families. There are many Veterans from different eras of war and peacetime that return to find they have a hard time integrating back into the civilian population.

We provide all Veterans with a place they can go to seek the help and community they need to thrive. Many of our Veterans battle with PTSD, Social Isolation, and Combat-related trauma that is difficult for them to navigate on their own. We offer a community of Veterans and supporters that understand the struggle and are eager to support, their fellow brothers and sisters of service.

Our Programs

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit committed to first supporting our Santa Cruz County Veterans and second our community as a whole. In partnership with the County of Santa Cruz and the United Veterans Council, we operate the Veterans Memorial Building located in Downtown Santa Cruz. Our unique model of business allows us to use the Vets Hall facility and the revenue we generate, to provide support and services for Veterans and their families in the Santa Cruz area. 

Veteran Service Day

One of our most well-known programs is our Veterans Services Day. Pre-COVID many Veterans would gather for a hot-meal, pantry service, and for the good company of other Veterans in our community. The Meal is hosted by our local chapter of the American Legion Post 64 in partnership with the VSO, VMB, and many other great Veteran organizations and service providers. (Learn More)


2020 Memorial Courtyard Renovation

In partnership with the Rotary Club of Santa Cruz, we launched a project that will impact the Santa Cruz County Veterans Memorial Building, forever. We plan to transform the building’s courtyard into a new, functional event space. This will help further support the missions to serve area veterans and provide a community recreation and cultural center for public use. (Learn More)

Covid-19 Emergency Shelter

In times of crisis, the Veterans Memorial Building has gone above and beyond to answer the call of duty. During the Covid-19 Shelter in Place order we have been operating, in partnership with the County of Santa Cruz, Housing Matters, and the Salvation Army to provide a 24/7 Shelter for families, Veterans, and all others in our community that are experiencing homelessness during the crisis. (Learn More)

Thanksgiving at the Vets Hall

For 32 years The Veterans of Santa Cruz County have hosted a Thanksgiving meal for all that don’t have anywhere to go or anything to eat. We work with many wonderful community partners to execute this meal and feed between 800-1100 people every year.

“The Vets Hall saved my life 1 year and 1 month ago…it is only right and just that I give of myself to make sure that the Vets Hall can save other’s lives as well”

David Pedley

Supervisor, Veterans Memorial Building

Support the Veterans Memorial Building

We are a California 501(c)3 organization. The success of our programs depends on contributions from the community from people like you. Please consult with your tax professional to find out how to deduct your charitable contribution. Thank you for your support!