Rental Request Form

Fill out form completely and submit to receive an estimate of cost. The Veterans Memorial Building is available for renting Monday, Tuesday, Thursday thru Sunday 8 am to 11 pm with all events and activities ending at 10 pm. Closed Wednesday for Veterans Service Day till 3 PM, rentals can take place after 4 pm.
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    List all dates that you would like to request.
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    Please list the time you wish to have access to the room to begin set up and use. If renting for multiple days and start time is different please list the first date start time and then list other times in note section below.
  • The total hours you request should include your set up time at the beginning and the break down and clean up time at the end. Events can not go past 10 pm and clean up must be completed at 11pm. No exceptions.
    *This facility does not have a commercial kitchen available for use. **Alcohol at an event must be approved by management, is restricted to beer and wine, and cannot be sold.
    Basic sound (for mic) and stage lights are available for an additional fee. Advanced sound and stage lighting requires a qualified tech person to be approved by management and paid for by renter.
  • Please use this section to list multiple dates, additional important information, special requests or questions.
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