Rental Rates


Non-Prime Time Rental: Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

Prime Time Rental: Monday thru Friday 5 pm to 11 pm, Saturday & Sunday 8 am – 11 pm.

To reserve a room or receive a rental estimate please fill in and submit this form: Link to Rental Request Form.


CG Matthews Hall
Non-Prime Time (minimum 2 hours)
Regular:$55, Non-Profit/Classroom:$50, Veteran:$45
Prime Time (minimum 2 hours)
Regular:$75, Non-Profit/Classroom:$65, Veteran:$60

Hall w/Mezzanine
Additional $15 hour

#21-Post Room
Non-Prime Time (minimum 2 hours)
Regular:$25, Non-Profit/Classroom:$23, Veteran:$21
Prime Time (minimum 2 hours)
Regular:$35, Non-Profit/Classroom:$30, Veteran:$27
Sat,Sun,Holiday Day Rate Only (up to 8 hours)
Regular:$350, Non-Profit/Classroom:$300, Veteran:$275

#22-The Pogonip Rm
Non-Prime Time (minimum 2 hours)
Regular:$25, Non-Profit/Classroom:$23, Veteran:$21
Prime Time (minimum 2 hours)
Regular:$30, Non-Profit/Classroom:$27, Veteran:$25
Sat,Sun,Holiday Day Rate Only (up to 8 hours)
Regular:$300, Non-Profit/Classroom:$270, Veteran:$250

#23-Redwood Room
Non-Prime Time (minimum 2 hours)
Regular:$20, Non-Profit/Classroom:$20, Veteran:$18
Prime Time (minimum 2 hours)
Regular:$25, Non-Profit/Classroom:$24, Veteran:$22
Sat,Sun,Holidays: NOT AVAILABLE

Additional Deposits, Expenses and Fees

Damage/Holding Deposit – $50-300.00
A refundable security deposit will be required for all single events and continuous rentals to insure coverage for possible damages. This deposit will also be used to secure a date until permits are finalized. The size of the deposit will be dependent on the size of the activity scheduled.

Security-For Large Auditorium Events
The Santa Cruz Police Department requires security be present during all hours of rentals with amplified music, performances, events or organized gatherings. It is the responsibility of the Renter to arrange and pay for required security as put forth by SCCVMB management to insure that property damage, personal injuries or breaches of the peace do not occur. Events with over a hundred in attendance will require Licensed Security Personnel. The Renter must have all security personnel or security company approved by the SCCVMB before permitting or the renter my wish to use a security company already approved by the SCCVMB.

The Renter shall be required to provide a copy of a general liability insurance certificate in the amount of not less than $1,000,000, before a permit is issued. If the activity or event will have less then 25 people attending then a indemnity agreement or liability waiver along with a larger security deposit would be acceptable in place of insurance. Insurance is required for any activity or event that is deemed high risk.

Sound & Lights-Auditorium
Sound system and stage lighting are available for $10-$150 per hour depending on the use.

Alcohol Permit Fee
Serving of Alcohol must be approved by SCCVMB management and a Alcohol Permit issued. The serving of alcohol is restricted to small private functions, receptions, weddings, banquets. Alcohol may not be sold at any time on premises. Fees are bases on attendance to event or function.
Up to 100 – $100
101-200 – $200
200+ – $300

Cleaning Fee-Deposit-$50-150.00 for all large events.

Cleaning Fee-Additional-$20 per hour for any additional cleaning not covered by permit.

Administration Fee – 5% of total rent and fees charged for permit.

SC City Admission Tax – 5% for all admission/donation-charging events (renter files with City of Santa Cruz).

Returned Check Fee – $50.

Merchandise Fee – 10% of gross sales of all merchandise will go to the VMB.

Permit Cancellation
$200 Processing fee if permit/event is canceled outside of 90 days.
$300 Processing fee if permit/event is canceled outside of 60 days.
Permit fees and Deposits are non-refundable if cancelled within 60 days of event.

Permit Date or Time Change
$100 Processing fee for all date and time changes made within 60 days of event
$150 Processing fee for all date and time changes made within 45 days of event.

Staffing Cost-$30 per hour rate for all additional staff needed on premises during an event.

Facility Rental Overtime-150% of the hourly rate for all events that go beyond the scheduled time.